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About Us

Are you looking to learn Arabic online or learn Tajweed from the comfort of your own home? Established since 2008, Eaalim is an online educational institute (based in London, UK) providing qualified Arabic tutors to English speaking students through a variety of Arabic courses which can be studied online. All Arabic courses and classes are taught using a combination of traditional and modern teaching methods, utilizing the very latest technology of sound and graphic in an affordable and convenient way.

All of our teachers have Ijaza to teach Arabic Language, Tajweed ul Quran and Shariah. eLearning is different with us, as we add real time interaction to your distance learning. We allow you to communicate with teachers with crystal clear audio and collaborate with chat and shared whiteboard. All of our lessons are recorded and can be accessed by students after the lesson for revision purposes.

If you are wishing to learn Arabic but for one reason or another are not able to do so through traditional teaching methods, Eaalim Islamic School allows students to learn Arabic online through our wide range of Arabic courses ranging from classes for those who wish to learn Tajweed and those who wish to learn and study the Quran to those who are looking to learn about Islam in detail.

Look no further than Eaalim Institute for a range of Arabic courses for those who wish to learn Arabic online and we ensure you will not be disappointed with the variety of courses and teaching methods available. Our Arabic courses and Quran tutoring are ideal for those who wish to learn Arabic from the comfort of their own homes, or simply cannot attend traditional Arabic courses.


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